Unscrambl Qbo allows you to ask text and voice questions about your data. The bot returns a natural language and visual analysis of the most statistically relevant and actionable insight for you. It integrates natural language processing, machine learning, analytics, and natural language and chart generation.

Qbo can connect to a variety of enterprise systems including databases, data warehouses, and enterprise applications. It provides a single interface that you can use to ask questions, explore data and get business intelligence from multiple sources.

Responses that you can expect

Depending on the question that you ask, Qbo can give you a range of response types. For example, it might reply with a simple count, a bar chart or line chart showing the result grouped by a category like product or gender, or an analysis containing the most statistically relevant and actionable insights for you.

About this guide

This adminstration guide provides information for people who will be acting as administrators for Qbo, as well as users with admin-level permissions. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the deployment architecture of a typical Unscrambl Qbo installation before delving deeper into this guide.