Getting startedΒΆ


This section provides instructions for an on-premise deployment of Unscrambl qbo insights.

Watch these videos to get started and become pro in qbo insights.

Get started with the basics

Familiarize yourself with the basics of qbo configuration. View the following videos and and complete the tasks by end of each video.

Citibike demo - qbo insights logical data model

Add a new user

Add your first synonym in qbo insights

Create a derived attribute in qbo insights

Add a value substitute in qbo insights

Create a named aggregate in qbo insights

Create a named filter in qbo insights

Get qbo on Microsoft Teams

qbo is accessible as an app inside Microsoft Teams store. For a detailed documentation click here.

Access qbo insights within Microsoft Teams

See qbo insights in action within Microsoft Teams

Connect qbo to your own dataset

Learn how to configure your dataset.

Add a new data source