Unscrambl qbo insights is an enterprise focused product that provides a conversational, chatbot-based access to an organizations data. The product is at the forefront of a new analytics and BI paradigm called “Conversational Chatbots for Analytics”. This paradigm allows any user to ask text questions of their data to a bot and receive back a natural language and visual response. Such response, based on the question asked, could range from simple count, to a bar-chart or a line-chart showing the result grouped by product an/or gender or show an analysis containing the most statistically relevant and actionable insights for the user. qbo insights delivers conversational, contextual intelligence by marrying together natural language processing, machine learning, analytics and dynamic chart generation. It can connect to a variety of enterprise systems including databases, data warehouses and Big Data lakes. It can provide a single interface for a variety of end users, including analysts, managers and executives, to ask questions, explore data and get business intelligence in an easy manner from data in different sources.

This guide provides information for administrators, or users with administrative privileges. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the deployment architecture of a typical Unscrambl qbo insights installation before delving deeper into the major components of this guide.