Converse with Qbo

Create Conversational Thread

Navigate into personal channel by clicking on qbo as given below,


Click on start new thread to start conversation as given below,


Give the meaning name to the thread as given below,


Now you can start a conversation with qbo.

Configure Datasources

Suppose you have to analyse revenue for retail stores. Then, first you can choose the respective datasource by asking the configure datasources command. Further click on Individual data sources option to get list of available datasource as given below,


Choose the checkbox of the Retail database and click on save.


In this thread, you can now ask various questions on the retail dataset.

Explore Data

In case, you don’t aware which question i can ask to Qbo then you can explore the data by asking explore command as given below,


Choose the order entity from the retail datasource. You will get a few auto guided queries which you can ask to qbo. Select the query What is the average AMOUNT of the orders which will give the average transaction amount of orders.


Once you select sample query then you will get results as follows,


Sample Questions

Now you can start asking questions in the thread. In this example, you will do revenue analysis for retail store.

  1. Calculate revenue gain on a monthly basis. It will help to analyse revenue up or down trends.

  1. Form above report, you have observed their is revenue downfall in month of Jul 2021. Further you can analyse the key possible reasons for decrease in revenue as given below,

  1. Calculate growth rate of revenue on monthly basis. It will help you identify the revenue growth and take necessary business decisions.

  1. You can predict the revenue for the required time period and take necessary action for business growth.

  1. You can go deeper into revenue analysis and calculate revenue generated by various customer segments such as gender, age group, city etc.


Continue to ask more questions with the help of business KPI, dimensions, filters etc. configured in Qbo.